• Storage

  • Is it possible to install Caveasy racks inside a refrigerated wine cabinet?

    This first version of Caveasy system is not compatible with refrigerated cabinets.
    We are currently working to adapt our system in other kinds of wine storages, including refrigerated cabinets. This will allow us to fulfill more of our community needs.

  • Can I install Caveasy racks in my kitchen?

    You can install Caveasy system anywhere you want.
    If you want to store your wines for a long time, make sure to choose a place benfiting of the best temperature, humidity and lighting conditions for wine storage.

  • Can I put any shape of bottle on Caveasy rack?

    Caveasy racks are designed to receive almost every shape of 75cl bottles. Some "exceptional" shapes might not perfectly fit. If you have such bottle, please let us know. We will help you find the best way to take care of your bottle.
    Our first product is not able to receive magnums and bigger format of bottles but we are working on a solution for the next ones.

  • Confidentiality

  • How is privacy of my data ensured?

    Our system is designed to keep your data for yourself according to french regulation (CNIL). The pairing of your racks and your smartphone/tablet is fully secured and our servers are encrypted.
    Caveasy system doesn't gather any other data than the one needed for your tailor made services.

  • Technics

  • Do I need WiFi or 3G/4G in my cellar?

    3G / 4G or WiFi is not necessary because connection between the racks and your smartphone / tablet is operated in bluetooth. Our servers will be automatically reached when your smartphone or tablet will access to internet.

  • How are powered the racks?

    This first version of our Caveasy system is USB powered. It comes with a DC adaptor.
    We are already working on a battery power adaptor, we will let you know soon.

  • My basement cellar is very humid. Can I install Caveasy in it?

    The materials, the architecture and the electronic components have been chosen and designed to be functionnal in a humid, dark and cold environment as a basement cellar can be.

The wine is to be consumed in moderation and other friends.