inventory your bottle by taking a picture of the label

Lay down

lay down your bottle, anywhere on the rack


select the bottle in Caveasy App, a light on the rack shows its location


withdraw the bottle, the inventory is automatically updated


The storage

Automatically detects bottles layed down or withdrawn to have your inventory always up to date
Indicates by a light the location of the bottle you have selected
Monitors the temperature and humidity of your wines cellar
Connects to your smartphone event if you don't have GSM or WiFi in your cellar (bluetooth)

Application and services

Identify your wines by taking a picture of their labels
Help you select the wine from your cellar that best suits your dish
Alert you when bottles are at their appogee, when it is the best time for you to open it
Guide you to discover new wines according to your tastes

The wine is to be consumed in moderation and other friends.